The Friends of Juniper Flats (FOJF) formed in 2003 as a non-profit organization to preserve, protect, and restore the natural
and cultural values of the Juniper Flats, Arrastre Canyon, and Grapevine Canyon areas for future generations.
  1. To Restoration Project
  2. Nearing Restoration Area
  3. Beautiful Rock Formations
Welcome to our site
The Friends of Juniper Flats (FOJF) includes local residents, and others who regularly recreate in the area.  We like to raise awareness of the fun, beauty, and recreational opportunities of Juniper Flats, a transitional zone between Victor Valley / High Desert area and the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California.
Our BLOG website contains more current information such as upcoming events, hikes, etc.  Visit our BLOG website at: