Mission statement
mountain image in Juniper Flats
The mission of the Friends of Juniper Flats is to preserve, protect, and restore the natural and cultural values of the Juniper Flats, Arrastre Canyon, and Grapevine Canyon areas for future generations by:
  • Supporting the BLM in its responsibility to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the area;
  • Encouraging low impact recreation, such as hiking, and equestrian use;
  • Assisting the BLM to ensure adequate management of the area through implementation, monitoring, corrective actions, and enforcement;  and
  • Increasing public awareness about responsible use of the area.
Juniper Flats Service Area
Some of What We Do
Who We Are
We are currently working on getting some trails designated for hiking and equestrian use in the West Mojave Route Network  Process (WEMO), installing interpretive signs and helping the BLM with their restoration grant.  Some of our contributions to the restoration grant include habitat restoration and monitoring.  Click here to view an example of our restoration work.
The area served by the Friends of Juniper Flats is located  just south of Apple Valley in San Bernardino County of California, USA. Our Service Area is known as the Juniper Sub Region (AKA the Grapevine Canyon Recreation Lands) and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
The Friends of Juniper Flats includes local residents, and others who regularly recreate in the area.
Seeking Volunteers
Interested in volunteer work with us?   Click here for more information.
beautiful rock formation in Juniper Flats